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X: is a quirky little text based dungeon crawling adventure in which you use DOS commands to battle your way through a dungeon based in a DOS file system.

Unlike mose text based dungeon crawling adventures you won’t be typing adjectives like ‘Look’ or ‘Attack’ in X:. Instead you use DOS commands like ‘DIR’, ‘CD’ and ‘DEL’. So instead of typing ‘Attack Skeleton’, you’ll be typing ‘DEL SKELETON1.NMY’ and to equip a new weapon you’ll have to type something along the lines of ‘MOVE WEAPON2.OBJ \EQUIP’.

As you battle your way through the dungeon you’ll fight monsters, collect loot and descend deeper through trap doors until a final battle against boss X. It’s a novel concept that takes a little getting used to and would get a little tiresome over an extended period, but X: is fairly short and it’s a fun way to get reacquainted with the old DOS command prompt system. A fun little dungeon crawler where the real real challenge is in mastering the DOS command system!

Controls: Type!

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend downloading and reading the Manual

Download X: Here

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