Xenospore – Downloadable Game

Xenospore is an addictive tile-based puzzle game where you attempt to isolate houses from a deadly alien contagion that’s spreading across the land.

In each level of Xenospore your aim is to protect the houses from a red alien infection that’s corrupting the land. The only way to contain the infection is to destroy the land around it so that it can’t spread. You can choose to destroy one tile per turn and it also destroys any matching tiles that surround it. However, the infection also spreads each turn so you need to prioritise your targets to keep it at bay.

It’s a simple concept that’s very well executed, with great isometric pixel art, an eerie soundtrack and challenging puzzle design. The various different tiles add a lot of complexity to your strategies and there’s a real satisfaction to keeping the corruption at bay. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Win, Linux & Browser

Play or Download Xenospore Here

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