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Y.A.W: You Are Weaponized is a fast paced low rez FPS where you blast enemies, collect guns and turn into a freaky monster as you attempt to infiltrate a castle.

Created by Apapappa (creator of Zordak) for the LOWREZJAM 2020, Y.A.W: You Are Weaponized is an impressively detailed and full-featured run ‘n gun retro FPS that plays out on a resolution of just 64×64 pixels. It plays much like a classic 90’s DOOM style shooter and sees you trying to blast your way into a heavily guarded castle.

You start the game with a fairly feeble little gun, but amass a sizeable arsenal as you play. You also have a special ability that allows you to temporarily turn into a freaky fast-moving monster and shred your enemies with your talons.

There is one major frustration in that pressing “R” causes the current level to restart, so if you accidentally press it while attempting to reload (as in most FPS games) then you’ll be whisked right back to the start of the level. This issue aside, it’s a great little game that manages to pack a lot of detail and satisfying retro FPS gameplay into its tiny 64×64 resolution visuals. A tiny FPS with some BIG Guns!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Shoot, RMB -Aim, Spacebar – Jump, E – Use, C – Special

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download Y.A.W: You Are Weaponized Here

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