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Y2Kthulhu is a wonderfully weird little turn based RPG oddity that sees you helping an IT worker and an AI squash a Y2K bug that’s been willed into existence because people believe it exists!

In Y2Kthulhu you take on the role of Ann Inkswell, an IT worker who is working over New Year incase the Y2K bug causes any problems. Ann is a level headed person who knows the Y2K bug really can’t do much harm, but unfortunately the rest of the world has started believing it’s a big deal – in fact they believe in it so much that they’ve willed it into existence and turning it into a god-like entity. Obviously you can’t let an imaginary T2K bug wreck the world so it’s up to you to put an end to its disruption, with the help of a friendly AI and lots of random garbage that you pick up.

Y2Kthulhu takes around 10 minutes to playthough and is a delightful adventure full of great humor and fun surprises. A witty little satirical RPG experience that lampoons RPG’s and the ridiculous hype that was build up around the Y2K bug. It’ll take more than a jumped up computer bug to ruin your New Year though!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Y2Kthulhu Here

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