YCOM: Enemy Unlikely – Downloadable Game


YCOM: Enemy Unlikely is an excellent retro turn based tactics game, who’s adorable pixel art graphics belie deep tactical gameplay worthy of the XCOM games it was inspired by.

Although YCOM: Enemy Unlikely may look charmingly simplistic, it genuinely offers most of the options available in the XCOM games – with upgradeable soldiers, fog of war, permadeath, tech research, customisable loadouts and much more.  It even features a full single player campaign and multiplayer Vs.

As in XCOM you start out by scanning the skies for possible invasions, then assembling your crew to go and investigate.  In the matches you get the classic XCOM mechanics, but condensed to allow for faster gameplay, with you able to utilise cover to your advantage, throw grenades (which can destroy the enemies cover), shoot using the same hit/miss chance mechanics as XCOM, and even use overwatch.

YCOM: Enemy Unlikely is a superb little game, perfect for when you want to scratch that XCOM itch.  YCOM: Enjoyment Likely

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Action, X – Back

Available On: Windows only

Download YCOM: Enemy Unlikely Here

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