‘Ye or Nay? – Browser Game

‘Ye or Nay? delivers a satirical twist on Guess Who? where all the characters in the line-up are famous black men and half of them are Kanye West!

‘Ye or Nay? aims to explore the language we use to describe black men and to hold them accountable for what they’ve given and taken from black culture. It plays similarly to the classic game of Guess Who? with each player logging into a (JackBox style) browser-based shared game room then asking questions to help eliminate people from their line-up.

There are many icons of black culture in the line-up, from Sidney Poitier to Colin Kaepernick, but there is one face you’ll see a lot more than others – Kanye West makes up half of the roster. This obviously means that everyone’s first question will be “is it Kanye West” but if it is then narrowing down which Kanye it is can still be tricky!

As in Guess Who? you can eliminate people from the line-up by flipping their card, but in ‘Ye or Nay? you can also right click to get a small fact about the person. Some are just throwaway facts, some highlight what that person has contributed to black culture and some hold them accountable for their failings. They’re all interesting though and may make you think about them in a slightly different light.

It’s an interesting concept that really does make you think about the language you use to differentiate people and also holds a mirror up to what the people in it have contributed to black culture. There sure is a LOT of Kanye though!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Ye or Nay? Here

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