Yeah Boi – Browser Game

yeah boiiiii game

Yeah Boi is a silly little endless runner in which you attempt to add as many ‘i’s to the end of your ‘Boi’ while avoiding obstacles and picking up power-ups.

In Yeah Boi you control the ‘i’ at the end of a particularly long ‘Yeah Boi’ and must attempt to run as far as possible without hitting an obstacle. Its a tricky game but as you run and jump you can collect a variety of useful power-ups such as low gravity and triple jump that can help you amass a vast amount to ‘i’s in your trail.

Yeah Boi isn’t particularly innovative, but It’s a simple, silly and oddly addictive little game, well worth checking out for some throwaway fun – make sure you turn up the volume though for the maximum Yeah Boiiiiiiiiiiii effect!

Controls: Any Button – Jump

Available On: All Browsers

Play Yeah Boi Here

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