Yorg.io – Browser Game

Yorg.io is a very addictive browser based RTS/tower defense hybrid that sees you building production lines and defenses during the day and fending off hordes of zombies at night.

Yorg.io offers an easily accessible, but challenging and highly addictive take on the RTS genre. It sees you harvesting resources from nearby mines and forests, then setting up production networks to supply your defenses to deal with nighttime zombie attacks.

The most important resource you gather are crystals from crystal mines, which are used to build and upgrade all of your buildings. Getting as large a supply of crystals as possible is critical to your success so you’ll want to build your base somewhere that has an abundance of crystal mines.

The rest of the resources you mine (iron, wood and Uranium) are used in a production line to feed ammo to your defenses and fend off the zombies during night attacks. It starts off fairly easily, but as you progress the zombie attack in larger numbers and you’ll even be attacked by powerful bosses from time to time.

Yorg.io looks quite simple, but it’s very addictive and it can be great fun helping your little base expands into a massive sprawling network of production lines and defenses. A streamlined and super addictive slice of RTS tower defense fun.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Yorg.io Here

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