You Have to Win the Game – Browser Game

You Have to Win the Game is a super tough precision platforming adventure with a sprawling open game world, super cool 1980’s CGA-styled visuals and lots of secrets to discover.

In You Have to Win the Game you explore a labyrinthine network of caverns, avoid deadly hazards and collect hidden treasures. As you explore you’ll be able to activate switches that make platforms appear throughout the vast open game world, helping you reach new (and usually more dangerous) areas. The level design is particularly devious, jam packed full of pitfalls for your character to fall foul of.

You Have to Win the Game features several game modes – normal mode where you get infinite lives, YOLO mode where you only get one life and another mode where you play as a cat with nine lives. Playing a s a cat is fun, but for your first playthrough normal mode is recommended as you’ll die a hell of a lot trying to tackle this game. There’s also an extra hard ‘Extra Spicy’ remixed version of the game for those who fancy some real punishment.

It’s a very well crafted adventure with lots to discover, stylish pixel art visuals and addictive hardcore precision platforming gameplay. You may ‘have to win the game’, but it’ll take some real skill to do it!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: All Browsers

Tip: If you fancy a bit more color, there’s a 16 color EGA graphics option in the pre-game options screen.

Play You Have To Win The Game Here

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