You Will (not) Remain – Downloadable Game

You Will (not) Remain is an introspective psychological horror adventure that deals with themes of isolation and depression as you shelter in your apartment during an Eldritch apocalypse.

Created in just 48 hours for the Women Game Jam 2021, You Will (not) Remain is an Eldritch horror game that’s very much an allegory for something else entirely. In the game you follow the adventure of a lone survivor who is holed up in their apartment while a massive Eldritch entity causes havoc in the world outside.

Instructions that arrive over your radio tell you to stay inside and not let anyone from outside in (something that’s a little all too familiar these days). While you’re willing to follow these instructions, you do suffer from loneliness, depression and the torment of your previous mistakes (such as a woman who is no longer in your life). Then you discover a dog in an empty apartment who gives you a little companionship, though there’s more to the dog than first meets the eye…

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, You Will (not) Remain tells a powerful story that hits hard during these times of self-isolation and fear about the outside world. The pixel artwork and ominous soundtrack are both excellent, and it makes for an eerie, uncanny experience that will stick with you long after completion.

Controls: Keyboard

Available on: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download You Will (not) Remain Here

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