Your Darkest Thoughts – Download & Browser Game

Your Deepest Thoughts

Your Darkest Thoughts is a calming and therapeutic experience that allows you to write down your innermost thoughts, to let them out, without having to worry about any potential traces left behind afterwards.

There are no objectives, goals or ways to fail in Your Darkest Thoughts, it’s just a friendly ear (or eyeball) that will listen to your innermost worries, thoughts and desires, without judgement, and without remembering them.  It’s like going to a confessional but without the need to be Catholic and hate yourself.

Strangely, you can tell this computer program things that you’d never tell another living soul.  Your darkest thoughts and your innermost secret are sent out into the world and instantly forgotten in this wonderfully cathartic experience.

Controls: Type your innermost thoughts!

Available On:  Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Your Darkest Thoughts Here

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