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Your Last Day is a creepy first person horror with P.T.-esque looping corridors, that sees you trapped in a decrepit hotel with a monster and a dark spirit of a jilted lover.

Taking a little under 10 minutes to complete, Your Last Day blends puzzles, jump scares, looping corridors and surreal sights as you attempt to escape the decaying old hotel you’re trapped in. You’re not alone in the hotel – there’s a big scary monster and something that seems to be the spirit of an ex-lover. Appearing in the form of a blood splattered painting, the ex-lover offers you a little guidance throughout the adventure, though it’s hard to trust her as she’s clearly a little insane.

Your Last Day isn’t perfect, it has quite a few little bugs and the monster isn’t quite as scary as it could be, but does have a great sense of atmosphere, some good scares and an interesting narrative. A haunted hotel well worth checking into for some sinister scares.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interact, Q – Look, R – Pick-Up

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: You may encounter a few bugs while playing the game – If you can’t find the key in the room whi the note that says ‘The Key To My Heart is Your Now’ then restart the game. Also, be sure not to type anything in the keypad until you know what the code is.

Download Your Last Day Here

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