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Your Last Day In Prison Game Download

Your Last Day In Prison is a hilarious first person adventure in which you carry out a series of tests as instructed by an angry JVC speaker, to see if you’re ready to fit back into normal society.

It’s your last day in prison, you’ve finally served the time for your crime, but a lot has changed since you’ve been locked up. Most notably, the entire prison is now automated and you have to carry out a series of tests before your release – which range from figuring out the best way to dispose of a dildo to avoiding being accused of being a pedophile.

As you make your way through the tests the visuals are functional at best, but the audio and witty humor more than makes up for and graphical shortcomings. This is thanks mainly to the star of the show – Officer Fladdle, a disgruntled ex-prison employee who talks to you via pre-recorded messages in the same ‘pleasant’ manner as the Drill Sergeant from Full Metal Jacket.

The game takes lots of ridiculous twists and turns, especially towards the end. The disembodied voice of Officer Fladdle played out via the large JVC speakers is constantly hilarious throughout, jamming a multitude of laugh out loud moments into its short playtime. It may not look like much visually, but your short stay with Your Last Day In Prison is so silly, surprising and funny that you won’t want to leave. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows, Mac & Browser

Download Your Last Day In Prison Here

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