Yours Truly, – Downloadable Game


Yours Truly, is a short, beautiful and deeply emotional experience that serves for an allegory for war,  with two shadowy beings that are too different to live at each others side – no matter how much they want it.

The art design are exceptional in Yours Truly, from your shivering, shadowy figure to the imagery of blood red poppies on the pure white winters landscape.  You can breeze through the game in five minutes, but it’s best to take your time, explore and take in all the design details – everything is there for a reason.  You can’t help but feel your your little horned creature as it chases it’s ever evasive companion across the lonely icy tundra.

Yours Truly, really is a fantastic experience that packs a powerful emotional punch.  There aren’t many gaming experiences that leave you with such an appreciation of the art form.  Highly Recommended.


WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Look

Available On: Windows Only

Download Yours Truly, Here

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