Z Type – Browser Game

Z type game

Z Type is a fun arcade type em up that will test your typing skills to the limits, with you typing out words to shoot waves of ships!

Z Type has a fairly simple neon wireframe visual style, that allows you to focus on what’s important – the ships and the words that are flying towards you. To destroy each ship you have to type the full word that is directly below it. Things start off fairly simply, with you typing small words to blast a few small ships, but things get much tougher as you progress, with new enemy types and some far more difficult words. You can fire a smart bomb if you get into trouble by pressing the return key, but you only have three so use them wisely!

It’s a fun twist on the classic shoot-em-up genre that will really get your fingers flying across the keyboard. It may even improve your typing skills too!

Controls: Type! Enter – Smart Bomb

Available On: All Browsers

Play Z-Type Here

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  1. Awesome game! Had a blast playing it with my friends heh. One gripe though, would be that once you start attacking on a drone, sometimes it gets covered by other enemies and you can’t really see what you are supposed to type.

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