Zarathustra – Downloadable Game

Zarathustra is a biomechanical Sci-Fi point and click adventure set in a world where cosmic truths and alien technology have led to two divergent religious factions.

In Zarathustra you are an FBI agent who has been tasked with finding the culprit who stole a sacred book from the Church of Flesh. You are a member of the Church of Neon, and both churches have very different philosophies. The Church of Flesh values chaos and free will, while the Church of Neon focuses on order and stability. Both churches sprang up following “The Infection” – a world-changing event that unveiled cosmic truths and alien technology.

It’s only day one that’s available at the moment, but it takes over an hour to play through. The puzzles are fairly easy, which allows you to focus on immersing yourself in its deep story and fascinating religious biomechanical world. It’s very text heavy and is packed full of interesting ideas. Meanwhile the AI generated artwork and voice overs are remarkably well done, and are almost imperceptible from the real thing. A great showcase of what AI is capable of as a game creation tool.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download Zarathustra Here

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