Zelda 30 Year Tribute – Browser Game

Zelda 30 Year Tribute

Zelda 30 Year Tribute is an amazing 3D voxel based recreation of The Legend of Zelda that allows players to explore the world of Hyrule as they’ve never seen it before in a browser or even on a touchscreen device using a virtual joystick.

The current (and possibly final) build of Zelda 30 Year Tribute isn’t fully complete, so does contain bugs and unfinished areas, but on the whole it feels like a faithful recreation of Links classic adventure, complete with dungeons, bosses and lots of secrets to find.   Anyone who want’s to play this fan made masterpiece will have to hurry though – Nintendo have already slapped a copyright infringement order on the developers, so the availability of Zelda 30 Year Tribute is already scarce, and will most likely not be available at all in the very near future.

It’s a real shame Nintendo’s lawyers turned up and said ‘It’s dangerous to go alone – take this cease and desist order’, as it really is a joy exploring the world of Hyrule in voxel based form. But we’d like to thank the developers for all their hard work, and for sharing this lovingly created Zelda tribute with the world.  Nintendo may not appreciate it, but we most certainly do.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Enter – Start,  Z – B,  X – A

Available on:  All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game is No Longer Available

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