Zengrams – Browser Game

Zengrams Game

Zengrams is a chilled out, but very challenging tangram-esque puzzler in which the shapes are joined or dissected according to their color.

In each level of Zengrams your aim is to position all the colored shapes so that they fill the dotted outline on screen. You only have a set amount of moves to achieve this and the shapes will interact with each other differently depending on whether they’re matching colors or different colors.

If two shapes of the same color are placed next to each other then they’ll automatically join up to form one large shape, which can then be moved around as one. However if you lay a shape so that it sits across another shape and alters the color then each individually colored section of the shape can be moved independently.

It can take a little time to get your head around the premise, but once you do Zengrams is a very well crafted puzzler with high quality puzzle design and a wonderful Zen-like atmosphere. You really need to think outside the box to fill all these boxes correctly!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Zengrams Here

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