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Zlap io

Zlap.io is a fun Agai.io style massively multiplayer browser game in which players swing giant maces around and attempt to splat other combatants.

Zlap.io has easy to pick up and play gameplay, but it can be quite hard to master swinging your mace. Character movement is mapped to the WASD keys and you swing the mace with the mouse. The trick is to attempt to build up somme circular momentum (rather than just yo-yoing it back and forth), then go in for the kill against your opponents. The more enemies you kill, the bigger your mace gets and the further up the leaderboard you climb – but you also have to be careful, one hit and you’re toast!

Zlap.io’s chaotic combat isn’t quite as infectious as Slither.io or Narwhale.io, but it is a fun game that’s perfect for short blasts of mace-swinging multiplayer mayhem.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Swing Mace

Available On: All Browsers

Play Zlap.io Here

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