Zombidle – Browser Game

Zombidle game

Zombidle is a ridiculously addictive zombie-based incremental clicker in which you play a necromancer, commanding an undead army on a quest to purge the world of human scum.

Starting off with just the necromancer, you simply click the various human dwellings, destroying them and flushing and humans out. Killing these humans grants you human skulls (and occaisionally diamonds) which can then be used to purchase upgrades and new undead units. The format follows a fairly standard incremental clicker formula, with a satisfying loop of rewards and upgrades to get you hooked.  Each different unit can also be upgraded and unlock useful special abilities, all of which make that magical DPS number increase.

The audio and visual design in Zombicide are excellent, especially when the puny humans run screaming from their burning buildings, and while zombie games or incremental clickers aren’t exactly thin on the ground, the fusion of the two certainly makes for a fun and thoroughly addictive experience.  It’s a great little game with a fun sense of humor and gameplay that feels a little more interactive than your traditional clicker. A highly infectious undead clicker.

Controls:  Mouse – Point and Click (a Lot!)

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Zombidle Here

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