Z’s Room – Downloadable Game

Z’s Room is a wholesome little narrative-driven adventure where a charmingly annoying teenager pokes around in the bedroom of a friend who’s going through some things.

In Z’s Room you have dropped by your friend Zoey’s house to visit them. Zoey’s not been feeling like going out or socializing lately, but she’s invited you around to try and stop her mother from pestering her about it. Zoey still isn’t in a very talkative mood, but this is your first time in her bedroom so you decide to poke about all her cool stuff. Along the way you learn more about Zoey, irritate her a little and hopefully be of some help too.

It’s a beautifully told little story with delightful hand-drawn visuals, realistic dialogue and a playfulness that allows it to broach a serious subject in a light-hearted way. You and Zoey’s relationship feels particularly real. People (kids especially) don’t often open up to their friends about how they’re feeling, but just being there for someone (even if you’re being a pain in the ass) can make the world of difference. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Z’s Room Here

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