10-103: Null Kelvin – Downloadable Game

10-103: Null Kelvin is a tense little 2D survival horror game where a Special Resonse agent gets sent into investigate a crashed space station module that was storing lots of SCP-esque anomalies.

A sequel to the excellent 10-103, in 10-103: Null Kelvin you follow the story of Specter 8 as he gets sent to investigate the crash site of a space station module that was jettisoned as part of an emergency procedure. The station was being used to contain a variety of SCP style anomalies/monsters and it looks like a few of them have escaped. You now need to trek through the snow and a mysterious underground facility as you attempt to hunt them down and neutralize them.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, it’s a great little horror game with high quality pixel art, some fun twists and a very tense atmosphere. The lore of the 10-103 universe is very interesting and the monsters are very freaky. As with the previous installment, the radio conversations between you and your handler really add a lot to the experience and give you a good feeling of being part of a bigger organization. There’s still no way Specter 8 is getting paid enough for his efforts though!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, E – Interact, Spacebar – Shoot, R – Reload, Down – Roll, TAB – Report In

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play 10-103: Null Kelvin Here

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  1. The password for the computer is “alphawhole” (there is a poster that hints this, these words encircled). It’ll give you some interesting logs.

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